Your bathroom is one of the most personal and intimate spaces in your home. It is the place where you start and end your day, and it should reflect your personality and taste. However, when it comes to bathroom design, there are certain rules that you are supposed to follow. But who said you can’t break the rules and create a unique and innovative space? In this blog, we will explore the bathroom design rules that you should break this year to create a modern and stylish bathroom that reflects your personality.

Say Goodbye to Matching Fixtures

The conventional design rule suggests that all bathroom fixtures should match, from the sink to the showerhead to the towel rack. However, mixing and matching different finishes and styles can add character and depth to your bathroom. Try combining a matte black faucet with brushed gold hardware or a glass vessel sink with a copper bathtub. The possibilities are endless, and the results can be stunning.

Ditch the All-White Color Scheme

While an all-white bathroom can look clean and refreshing, it can also be bland and uninviting. Breaking the white-on-white rule can add warmth and character to your bathroom. Consider adding pops of color with bold tiles or paint, or opt for natural materials such as wood or stone for a more organic feel. You can also experiment with different shades of white, such as cream or ivory, to add depth to your bathroom.

Mix and Match Textures

Texture is an often-overlooked element in bathroom design, but it can make a big difference in the overall feel of the space. Combining different textures such as smooth tile, rough stone, and soft textiles can add interest and dimension to your bathroom. You can also play with contrasting textures, such as pairing a sleek bathtub with a rough wooden vanity or a fluffy bathmat with a shiny metal faucet.

Embrace Open Storage

Traditional bathroom design dictates that all storage should be concealed behind closed doors. However, open storage can add a modern and industrial feel to your bathroom. Consider installing open shelves or wire baskets to store your towels, toiletries, and other bathroom essentials. You can also use vintage crates or wooden boxes to add a rustic touch.

By breaking the conventional bathroom design rules, you can create a bathroom that is unique, stylish, and reflective of your personality. From mixing and matching different finishes and styles to experimenting with color and texture, the possibilities are endless. So, challenge the status quo and revamp your bathroom with bold and innovative ideas in 2023.

Source: Realtor.com