Habits of Highly Effective Homebuyers- Today, though, the housing market is a very different animal—fast, ferocious, and ever-changing. In such an environment, it’s no longer a given that all homebuyers will easily find a house and seal the deal. And even more surprisingly, those lucky folks who do succeed aren’t just sitting on piles of cash. On the contrary, real estate agents and other experts we spoke to say that successful homebuyers today simply possess a particular mindset and behaviors that help them persevere in today’s mark

Here are some of the Habits of Highly Effective Homebuyers:

1. They’re persistent

While the market might be slowing down in some places, in other areas buyers are still facing intense competition for available properties. This means you might have to make offers on a few homes before one is accepted. As a result, persistence pays off more than ever before.

2. They keep their emotions in check

Buying a home can be a highly emotional process, particularly if you’re in a hot market where you’re competing in a multiple-offer situation. And if you fall in love with a certain home, watch out! The heartbreak that ensues if your bid is rejected might bring you to tears and, worse, despair.

It is important to maintain a rational and logical mindset when buying a house, as it can be easy to become emotionally attached to a property before the deal is final. Remember that buying a house is a business transaction and to consider factors such as the cost, the condition of the property, and the terms of the sale. It is also important to have a plan B in case the deal falls through or the house does not meet your expectations. It is always wise to have backup options and not to put all your eggs in one basket, so to speak.

3. They’re open-minded and willing to move

Traditionally, if you were shopping for a home, you would look within a very small radius, particularly one that gave you a manageable commute to work. But now, with the rise of working from home, those rules have changed—and homebuyers’ standards should adjust along with it.

If you have flexible work options available to you, consider expanding your home search beyond where you’d traditionally look. You might discover other options that will give you more value for your money.

4. They’re not afraid to ask questions

Before making the biggest purchase of their life, smart shoppers would have questions—about the property they hope to buy, the homebuying process itself, all of it. Yet in a fast, competitive market, some might feel pressure to keep questions to a minimum just to keep the deal moving, as though you should feel lucky a home seller accepted your offer at all.

“When looking at homes with your agent, be sure to ask them plenty of questions. Not only will this help you get a better understanding of the home and the market, but it will also give your agent a good sense of what you’re looking for,” he advises. “The more you know, the better equipped you’ll be to make the right decision.”

5. They see beyond how a home looks

Everyone wants the perfect home. However, in this market, it’s likely that you will have to make some compromises. Inventory is still low and multiple buyers are competing for the same few homes, all of which means that you’ll be more likely to find success if you’re willing to compromise.

6. They can draw a firm line between wants and needs

While house hunters of the past might have been able to snag their dream home without too much struggle, today’s homebuyers must be realists. And one way they do this is by knowing the difference between what they want and what they need in a home.

While needs can remain non-negotiable, be willing to be flexible when it comes to your wants, especially if they are things that you can add to the property later on. This is what it takes if you ever hope to buy a home today.

7. They’re flexible and available

This is likely true, as a home seller may be more inclined to choose a buyer who is flexible and easy to work with over one who has a lot of demands or is difficult to negotiate with. Additionally, a buyer who is willing to close the deal without many repairs or stipulations may be viewed as less risky and more likely to close the sale quickly.

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